Rolex Fastnet Race 2021

One of sailing's most famous races

Your chance to sail on one of the largest and fastest yachts available to charter for The Fastnet 2021. We are offering places on our 60’ yacht Venomous which is a powerful exciting machine. This is even more important than on previous Fastnets as the Royal Ocean Racing Club has changed the format so that the finish line is in Cherbourg, France. This means that the race has increased in length from 608 miles to 700 miles. The Fastnet Race was always one of the most challenging events in the world so has now become even more testing.

If you have already competed in the Fastnet Race before and thought that you do not need to take part in another this new format may change your mind as it is in fact now a new race. We are offering you a place in history to be part of this inaugural race.

Windward Sailing has organised successful Fastnet campaigns for individual participants for many years. Our yacht Venomous will compete in the RORC Class 0 division so will provide new experiences for most of the crew. (Venomous has a an IRC rating of 1.354).We provide full training in all aspects of helming, sail trim and navigation etc. So previous experience is not essential all we ask for is enthusiasm. There is a role on board for everyone.

The Yacht

The CM 60 concept was designed to be an exciting but easily handled boat that would be competitive under all racing formats. The boat is very competitive under IRC, with an emphasis on fast light airs performance.

The deck layout is primarily designed for racing. Twin wheels and two grinder pedestals give good central cockpit space and a clean-looking, workable layout.#

Our CM60 Venomous benefits from both fractional or masthead spinnakers for scintillating off wind speed.

 A deep, low keel provides stability to carry the large sail area and produce exceptional upwind speed.

Venomous benefits from excellent below decks accommodation – large saloon area and galley and well-equipped Navigation station do not compromise the fast-efficient sailing. There are no cabins on Venomous and so sleeping is in large airy dormitory bunks.

Venomous sails with a crew of up to 16 people and as she is skippered, crew can come with any level of experience.

She has an extensive sail wardrobe, which is constantly being upgraded and includes a choice of 8 spinnakers.


Training Weekend           Sat 15th May

Myth of Malham              Sat 29th May

De Guingand Bowl           Sat 26th June

St Malo                                 Fri 9th July

Fastnet                                 Sunday 8th August

Return from Cherbourg


The cost for our Campaign is £3,950

To reserve your place, we ask for a 10% deposit and then the balance spread over 6 months January – July 2021.

We are looking forward to meeting you.