RORC Racing

For those of you looking for more of a challenge

For those of you looking for more of a challenge than a cruise around the Solent’s sheltered waters then a RORC race may be just what you are looking for. You get that extra buzz of competing at the highest level in an offshore race. Offshore racing is a different experience to what most have experienced before it can be the most exciting ride of your life a buzz of exhilaration with you digging deep for that stamina reserves to get the boat and crew across the finish line.

An excellent way of getting your sea miles and night miles up in short sharp blasts.

We do not require experience just enthusiasm to get the job done as training will be given on the go.

We are offering several dates and destinations.

Offshore Programme

1 May – 2 May Cervantes Trophy Race Cowes to Le Havre

The first Offshore race of the UK season sees us sailing to the now established destination of Le Havre.

It’s a Saturday morning start which will give us a good amount of daylight racing to settle in. Once we cross the line, we head back to Cowes to finish Sunday Teatime to give the Monday to recover!

We would meet in Cowes on Friday night for a crew meal ashore and boat familiarization.

29 May – 30th May         Myth of Malham              Cowes – Eddystone Rock-and back

The Eddystone Race is a Saturday morning start and sets a westward course to the Eddystone Rock off the South coast at Plymouth. Once rounded we head back to the Solent. and a finish off Portsmouth.

This race offers a taser of the Fastnet that is later in the year as the first half of the race follows the start of the Fastnet. Being a longer race we should see how watch systems work and give a taste of what true living onboard is all about. The race carries a 20% increase in points which shows that that little bit of extra is required to get over the line.

We would meet in Cowes on Friday night for a crew meal ashore and boat familiarization

11 June – 13 June            Morgan Cup Course TBA

In Morgan Cup races gone past the destination has been Dieppe. A Friday night start so our first start into the night. With only a few hours of daylight to get to grips with the boat this turns into an endurance race as you have probably come straight from work and your Stamina reserves will be in demand to keep going through the night be fore Dawn on the French Coast.

We would meet in Cowes on Friday afternoon. and plan to be back in Cowes on Sunday

The Round the marks course gives the impression of an inshore race, however this is far from it. The course is set usually on the evening prior to the race and using Marks laid or virtual in the English Channel, such as Poole No1 buoy and the Owers off of Selsey. Designed a s a24 hours race so should see us back in port for Sunday Lunch.

We would meet in Cowes on Friday night for a crew meal ashore

9 July – 11 July St Malo Race      Cowes – St Malo

A Friday morning start for what has become one the RORC’s most popular races, navigationally challenging and with weather always throwing even more into the mix. The race coincides with Bastille Day and so celebratory atmosphere in the historic walled town. The course head across the Channel around the Casquets before heading into St Malo.

We aim to be back in Cowes late Sunday.

We would meet in Cowes on THURSDAY night for a crew meal ashore

24 July – 25th July             Channel Flexi Course

Saturday morning start to a flexi course that is usually announced on the previous evening. Designed to be 24 hours of offshore racing so back in port Sunday morning. A good race if you are new to offshore as its short and sharp and will give you a flavour of the longer courses. These channel races are a navigator’s nightmare as there are twists and turns throughout the race around the marks laid or virtual in the English Channel. The finish is in the Solent so a quick trip back to port after we cross the line.

We would meet in Cowes on Friday night for a crew meal ashore to discuss race tactics

8 August – 14 August      Rolex Fastnet Race          Cowes via Fastnet Lighthouse to Plymouth

Please see our full details 

 10 September – 12 September Cherbourg Race                Cowes Cherbourg

A Friday night start see us dash across the English Channel to try and find the last club open in Cherbourg! Always a warm welcome at the yacht club where race winners are announced and we get to enjoy French hospitality at its best with Cheese and wine given during the prize giving. After which we head back for an early Sunday morning finish. This race is a great finally to the UK offshore season.


What’s included

All our races include the following

  • All yacht expenses
  • All food and drink whilst onboard
  • Race entry fees
  • Mooring fees
  • On board accommodation
  • Use of all safety equipment
  • Use of wet weather clothing


What’s not included

Transfers to and from the yacht

Personal insurance

Meals and drink ashore