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Morgan Cup

Morgan Cup Race - Dartmouth 27 June

Morgan Cup Race - Dartmouth 27 June

This year the Morgan Cup goes to the South coast port of Dartmouth. but as usual with the Royal Ocean Racing Club, it is not a direct route but it will involve many twists and turns using the English Channel as it's playground.

Dartmouth will mean that of course you will not need to worry about passports and euros, but you will need to concentrate all your skills on the race ahead, that will truely test crew work to get to the finish line in good time. 



Suitable flexi course will be designed to last between 24 and 36 hours to end t the picturesque South coast port of Dartmouth. The race area will be defined in the sailing instructions and the Race Committee will design the course in the light of the prevailing weather conditions


Onboard Racing will cover

Weekend includes

Crew positions and teamwork

Venomous / Incisor

Sail Trimming both upwind and downwind

Experienced racing skipper and  crew

Boat Speed

Onboard food whilst racing

Helming to a compass course

Accommodation onboard

Race tactics and boat handling

Wet weather gear

Race Navigation

Mooring and race entry fees